Benefits and risks

The Medtronic Symplicity blood pressure procedure helps reduce high blood pressure (hypertension),1–3 which is shown to lower your risk of heart attacks, strokes, and other serious health problems.4


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Reducing hypertension can lower some of your health risks.

Reducing blood pressure by 10 mmHg can lower your risk of:

heart failure4


cardiovascular events4





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Beyond another daily blood pressure pill

While it may not affect how many medications you take, the Symplicity blood pressure procedure helps reduce high blood pressure without adding another pill to your daily regimen.1,2

Treatment beyond blood pressure medications

The Symplicity blood pressure procedure is proven to safely help lower blood pressure in people who are taking blood pressure medication and those who are not.1,2



blood pressure reduction in a three-year study of people who received the Symplicity procedure3


What are the risks of the Symplicity blood pressure procedure?

The Medtronic Symplicity blood pressure procedure, just like any medical procedure, has risks. It's important to talk with your doctor about the benefits and risks. 

The potential risks as well as complication rates for the Symplicity blood pressure procedure are similar to those associated with other interventional procedures.

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