Clinical evidence and patient stories

The Symplicity blood pressure procedure is a single, minimally invasive procedure that is proven to be safe and effective in helping to lower blood pressure.1–3


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Clinical evidence

See what success looks like.

Adverse events include, but are not limited to, bruising and pain. Results may vary.

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In a three-year study of people taking their prescribed blood pressure medications, the procedure helped reduce blood pressure by 16.7 mmHg.3

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More than 25,000 people worldwide have received this procedure.4

Patient stories

Listen to real-life stories.

Ferruccio, Kasim, and Joseph talk about how the Symplicity blood pressure procedure made a difference in their lives.

These are individual experiences. Their thoughts and opinions are their own. Not everyone will experience the same results.

Hear from a doctor.

Dr. Andrew Sharp explains how the Symplicity blood pressure procedure has helped his patients reduce their blood pressure.



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