"It completely changed my life."

An insulin pump gave George his freedom back 

George was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 8. “It was really hard,” he says. “At that time I didn’t really know anything about diabetes. I found out I’d have to inject all the time and do finger tests.”

The Dove family knew the diagnosis was serious. The Doves immediately began investigating the best possible treatment plan. Although it took four long years, George received his Medtronic insulin pump when he was 12.

Pump therapy quickly transformed George’s life. “It completely changed my life,” George says. “I can actually do things and be myself again. One of the things my parents said is they didn’t realize how much of me they had lost until they saw it come back.”

“When I was on injections, I had no freedom at all. I had to have [injections] at set times of the day. I had to eat the same things. But now that I’m on my pump it’s changed a lot. There’s a lot more freedom there.”

Now 15, George has already shared his story all over the world as an ambassador for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and been named a Bakken Invitation Honoree.


Medtronic co-founder Earl Bakken often asks patients, “What are you going to do with your extra life?” To answer that question, Medtronic Philanthropy supports the Bakken Invitation, a global call to all patients to make a positive difference in the world with their 'extra years' of quality life. For his extraordinary efforts, George was named a 2013 Medtronic Bakken Invitation honoree, earning a $20,000 grant for his charity of choice, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, or JDRF.

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