Discover a Patient-Friendly Solution PillCam™ COLON
Capsule Endoscopy

The PillCam™ COLON system empowers you with advanced imaging to detect colon polyps. It’s a minimally invasive, patient-friendly procedure that requires no sedation or radiation exposure.

pdf Bowel Prep Guide (.pdf)

This guide describes the bowel regimen, which is designed to serve two purposes — cleanse the colon for high quality images and propel the capsule through the GI tract. It will help you instruct the patient on proper diet and bowel prep for the days leading up to the procedure and the day of the procedure.


Download Guide
pdf Educational Hospital Poster (.pdf)

Hang this poster in your hospital to help guide discussions between your staff and patients regarding the procedure's purpose and benefits, and importance of a clean colon. Plus, you can review the colon anatomy and provide a few examples of colon pathology with this poster.


pdf Pre-procedure Checklist (.pdf)

This document is intended to provide detailed guidance for the clinical staff to utilize when planning for a colon capsule endoscopy procedure, preparing the equipment, and setting procedure expectations with the patient.


DOwnload checklist

Quick Reference Guides

The following materials will guide you through the step-by-step process to manage the bowel prep regimen in PillCam™ software v9, perform a PillCam™ COLON capsule procedure, and read a study in the software.

pdf In-service Training Presentation (.pdf)

These slides provide an overview of everything your clinical staff needs to know to perform a colon capsule endoscopy procedure. The content includes guidance for bowel preparation, equipment setup, and managing patient expectations.