Developing high-performance organisations

Managing change requires professional expertise and rigor

Up to 75 percent of organisational change programs fail, according to multiple studies. The good news is that when an organisation uses a scientifically based, professional approach to change, the odds for successful transformation are significantly increased.

To prepare an organisation for large-scale change means challenging the collective mindset and current ways of doing things. With our proven, hospital-centric approach and tools, we help organisations make a successful transition to a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.


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Helping organisations prepare for transformation

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People and culture

Hospitals depend on their people. That’s why it’s important to establish a culture that motivates, aligns around a patient-centric purpose, and allows for growth.

We help organisations establish best-in-class talent processes for finding, developing, and retaining the right talent and building their capabilities.

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To improve communication and teamwork, hospitals today are getting away from traditional silos and top-down hierarchical models. We help these hospitals structure their workplace around the patient pathway in multidisciplinary set-ups such as integrated practice units (IPUs) and pathway teams.

By focusing on patient needs and process flow, you achieve more flexible staffing backed by appropriate skills, enabling employees to work at the top of their qualifications.

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Hospital operations, due to the nature of the work, can easily become inefficient and time consuming. Through our years of transforming hospital operations, we’ve developed an approach that optimises hospital processes by reducing or eliminating non-value-adding tasks and redundancies for hospital staff.

We also provide support to move many workflow steps into a digital environment, allowing staff to focus on patient-centric tasks and achieve a high level of satisfaction in their jobs. 



Developing skills for sustained transformation

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IHS Academy

Capability building for individuals

To help individuals within your organisation hone their continuous improvement mindset and leadership skills, we help build capabilities along these five themes:

  1. Process management: Creates greater process efficiency and includes all levels of LEAN Sigma certification
  2. People development  and management: Develops personal skills that enable more effective people leadership
  3. Marketing and communications management: Builds greater messaging clarity and more effective communication strategies
  4. Project management: Offers a proven way to set up and more efficiently manage projects in alignment with PMI® curriculum and accepted for PMP® application
  5. Role-based training: Offers clinical training tailored for specific roles based on individual qualifications


A doctor sitting at a desk holding a tablet and talking to a patient.

Optimise P.A.C.E. (Programmed accelerated change effectiveness)

Change readiness for organisations

Culture drives performance and determines success or failure. That’s why we’ve created an evidence-based change-management suite of tools and training designed to help you uncover barriers to change, identify strengths and weaknesses, and prepare your organisation for successful transformation.

Optimise PACE includes:

  • Proven state-of the-art culture and change-assessment that uses surveys and interviews (available in 11 languages)
  • PACE culture and change practitioner training for leaders
  • Focus Workshops to quickly address urgent issues
  • A library of best practices, case studies, ideas and more, derived from +500 hospital transformation projects across EMEA




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