Managing Cath Labs and  operating rooms 

IHS Managed Services

An integrated and modular service offering to establish and support management of leading-edge Cath Labs and operating rooms, including:

  • Turnkey set up of clinical departments
  • Equipment management and sourcing 
  • Materials management
  • Operational excellence advisory
  • Implementation of advanced cardiovascular information systems and OR management systems
  • On-site service improvement staff
  • Business development support




Surgical staff in the Operating Room.

An integrated four-pillar offering:




Turnkey set-up

Providing affordable access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and technologies through our one-stop-shop solution. 





Supporting non-clinical operations and maximising
up-time so your staff can focus on patient care.





Improving operational efficiency, increasing capacity, reducing variability, and driving staff engagement.





Growing volume by accelerating patient access, developing services, and enhancing your organisation’s reputation. 


Our Managed Services offer is ISO 9001:2015 certified

As one of the first companies to certify our activities in the Managed Service field, our goal is to continuously improve our services to exceed customer expectations.

Our certification covers the turnkey set-up of Cath Lab departments, operating rooms and clinical departments, from the preliminary study to the set-up of the hospital department. Additionally, the certification covers our medical equipment solutions, including procurement, installation, testing, maintenance, and our customised multi-brand hospital materials management service.




The benefits of scale - large footprint and client base

IHS is the leading managed service provider for specialised care settings such as Cath Labs and ORs, in the EMEA region. We currently deliver those services for more than 200 hospitals in the region, optimising more than 1,000 Cath Labs and ORs. Over 1,000,000 patients are being treated annually in the departments we serve.

Our scale brings several benefits for our customers, including:

  • Greater purchasing power, which means better pricing
  • Valuable, shared insights from across our customer base
  • Networking opportunities for our customers to collaborate, benchmark, and share best practices with each other



Managed Service clients


Cath Labs and ORs


Countries with operations


Patients treated annually 




Watch our video to learn more about our Managed Services solution

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Video highlighting the value of IHS Managed Services.
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A reputation built on results 

Imperial College Hospital main building.

Cost saving and increased on-time starts for Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

We helped Imperial leverage its supply buying power and reduce waste to save more than £500,000.

An exterior image of South Manchester hospital.

A managed services partnership for best-in-class cardiac care

University Hospital of South Manchester can now provide care to 100 more patients every month using the same resources while significantly reducing its waiting list.   


Optimising cardio-thoracic center productivity for Erasmus Medical Center

A major Dutch hospital could treat 26% more patients in just three months, corresponding to an estimated $800,000 of incremental value.

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