The Reveal™ XT ICM provides long-term heart monitoring.


The Reveal XT Insertable Cardiac Monitor (ICM) is a long-term heart monitoring device designed to help your doctor diagnose and treat irregular heartbeats.

Reveal XT ICM

The Reveal XT ICM:

  • Is a small heart monitor that is placed just under the skin of the chest in a simple outpatient procedure
  • Requires no wires or patches on the outside of your body
  • Offers battery life of up to 3 years1

How It Works

The Reveal XT ICM keeps you connected to your doctor with continuous heart monitoring. The device monitors your heart’s activity and records an abnormal rhythm in the form of an electrocardiogram (ECG).

Even if you are sleeping or unaware of symptoms, the Reveal XT ICM will automatically detect and record abnormal heart rhythms when they occur.

Irregular heartbeats can be difficult to detect. With the Reveal XT ICM, your doctor can automatically monitor your heart rhythms for up to 3 years1 and have the information needed to make more informed treatment decisions.

Reveal XT Patient Assistant

The Reveal XT Patient Assistant is a small hand-held device. When placed over your Reveal XT ICM, it records your heart rhythms and marks the place on the heart record where symptoms occurred so your doctor can evaluate those heartbeats.

If you can’t get to the Patient Assistant right away, simply write down the day and time of your symptoms to share with your doctor.

Reveal XT Patient Assistant Image

To Use the Reveal XT Patient Assistant:

  1. When you experience symptoms, press the heart-shaped button.
  2. Hold the Patient Assistant over your Reveal XT ICM. When the response indicator lights up, you have made a successful recording.
  3. Call to schedule a follow-up appointment as directed by your doctor.

Refer to the Reveal XT Clinician Manual for usage parameters.