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Product Support – DBS Therapy

Essential Tremor

These resources will help you avoid problems and get support while receiving treatment with a DBS system.

Activities to Avoid

Avoid activities that could place stress on the implanted components of your DBS system. Activities that include sudden, excessive, or repetitive bending, twisting, or stretching may cause parts of your system to break or move. Talk with your doctor about what activities are safe for you.

Being Prepared

  • Tell your doctor if you don’t feel well, or if you are having problems with your neurostimulator
  • Learn the name and model number of your neurostimulator
  • Make sure your family and friends know about your DBS System so they can help in an emergency

Device Checkups

It’s extremely important to attend all of your device checkup appointments.

Your clinician will schedule these regular follow-up visits to:

  • Ensure that your DBS System is functioning properly
  • Adjust your stimulation as needed based on your symptom control
  • Check neurostimulator battery status to determine if you will soon need a device replacement

Calling Your Doctor

Please direct all medical, medication, and therapy questions to your doctor’s office. Your doctor has access to your medical records and history and can best diagnose any change in symptoms.

Ask your doctor how to reach the on-call doctor for any medical concerns that come up after hours or on weekends.

Contacting the Medtronic DBS Helpline

The Medtronic DBS Helpline is here to answer your questions about your implanted system or treatment. We can provide general educational information about Medtronic devices and answer technical questions about Medtronic devices and therapies.

To reach the Medtronic DBS Helpline, call +44 (0) 1923 205101.

Patient Manual

The patient manual covers your DBS system and treatment. You will receive a copy after your implant procedure.

Identification Card

Always carry a card that identifies you as having an implanted device.

Your doctor’s office will send Medtronic the information necessary for you to receive your patient identification card. This information is also used to track your implanted device, which is an FDA requirement. If your address, phone, or physician changes, you are responsible for updating your information on file.

Information on this site should not be used as a substitute for talking with your doctor. Always talk with your doctor about diagnosis and treatment information.