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Learn more about when and why a replacement may be necessary.


Spinal cord stimulation systems (SCS) are designed to last for several years before needing to be replaced. The neurostimulator may need to be replaced if the battery depletes or the device malfunctions.

Some neurostimulators have rechargeable batteries, while others have non-rechargable batteries. The battery life of a recharge-free device depends on the model and individual use.

As the device nears the end of its battery life, you may begin seeing an ERI message screen. This tells you that the battery is low and should too be replaced soon to continue therapy. Contact your managing physician to discuss next steps.

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If you and your doctor are discussing a replacement neurostimulation system, be sure to ask about the Intellis™ rechargeable system and the Vanta™ recharge-free system. These devices set the standard for managing chronic pain with neurostimulation.

Choose The System That's Right For You

There are a number of choices, when deciding what SCS system is right for you. You’ll want to select the SCS system that has the features that benefit you most.

Options to suit
your needs
Intellis™ Rechargeable SCS Vanta™
Recharge-free SCS
Personalized pain relief
Access to MRI anywhere on the body
Small, comfortable device size
Access to network of Medtronic Support
Industry-leading battery longevity Up to 9 years** Variable, based on programming*
Fast battery recharge n/a
Recharge-free convenience n/a
*Recharge-free devices are parameter dependent, and longevity can vary depending on settings. Vanta™ SCS can last up to 11 years.
**For more information on our 9-year warranty of the neurostimulator, contact

Access to MRI Without Compromise

Sometime in the future, you may need an MRI to diagnose an unrelated condition, so it’s good to know the Intellis™ and Vanta™ SCS systems use Medtronic SureScan™ MRI technology. This will allow you to have an MRI anywhere on your body — just like a patient without an implanted neurostimulator.*

Secure Data That Travels With You

Your treatment-related information — including your position diary, unique therapy settings, and spine images — is stored on your Medtronic SCS device. So, wherever you go, your information travels with you.

  • Spine images are stored on your device, allowing physicians to review lead placement
  • Activity information is captured by AdaptiveStim™ technology, helping your physician make pain management decisions
  • Data encryption ensures the highest levels of data security

Sustainable Battery Performance

Powered by Medtronic Overdrive™ battery technology, the Intellis™ SCS rechargeable system features fast battery recharge and minimal loss of capacity over time. It’s also the smallest implantable SCS neurostimulator available.

Intellis and Vanta


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