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You don’t have to wear your heart condition on your chest. Micra™ leadless pacemakers are groundbreaking and are now a potential option for nearly half of all patients who need a pacemaker.1

Hear from Patients Living with a Micra Device

Traditional pacemakers can be seen and felt under the skin, just below the collar bone. Micra leadless pacemakers are small enough to be implanted directly into the heart, making them cosmetically invisible after implantation with no bump or chest scar.


After a series of fainting episodes halted Ross' running routine, he knew it was time to talk to his doctor. Together, they decided a leadless pacemaker was the best way to keep him on the trails.


Watch the video for the story on 92-year-old Roy and how Micra VR allows him to stay active.


For years, Janet dealt with fainting spells from bradycardia but had no idea the problem was with her heart. Once doctors understood her condition, they quickly recommended a leadless pacemaker.  


Watch the video to hear George's Micra story.


See how Jean is able to live a fulfilling life with her Micra pacemaker.


Watch the video to see how Micra VR allows singer Stephen to live his life without worry.

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Micra may not be right for you. If you’re a patient and have been diagnosed with bradycardia or have learned you need a pacemaker, talk with your doctor to learn more.



Lewis D, Whiting J. Bradycardia Indication Breakdown. January 2020. Medtronic data on file.

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