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LINQ™ family of ICMs. Accuracy matters.

When you need answers, trust the most accurate insertable cardiac monitor (ICM) on the market.1-13 Our proven ICMs deliver the data you need to make the right diagnosis for your patients.14

LINQ II Insertable Cardiac Monitor

  • The world’s most accurate ICM1-13
  • Personalized for the patient’s lifestyle
  • Customized for the clinician’s workflow


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Exclusive premature ventricular contractions (PVC) burden detector

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Option for patients to connect to our MyCareLink™ mobile app or MyCareLink Relay™ home communicator for bedside use — without the need for magnets or second mobile devices

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Remote programming and industry-exclusive 4.5-year longevity15

AccuRhythm AI algorithms — see what artificial intelligence can do.

AccuRhythm™ AI is a cloud-based platform that increases clinician efficiency overnight by supporting and applying deep learning algorithms to LINQ II ICM data flowing into the CareLink™ network. The algorithms address the two most common sources of ICM false alerts — Atrial Fibrillation (AF) and Pause.16-18

Experience the transformational benefits of AccuRhythm AI algorithms, designed to further enhance the accuracy of LINQ II ICM data.

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Watch our video to learn more about AccuRhythm AI algorithms.

Reveal LINQ Insertable
Cardiac Monitor

The world’s smallest ICM, powered by TruRhythm™ detection.1

The proven Reveal LINQ™ ICM with TruRhythm detection delivers superior accuracy in AF detection. With self-learning algorithms that track R-wave variability and the ability to store P-wave evidence history, it reduces instances of false positives while maintaining high sensitivity.

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1,000,000+ patients monitored with Reveal LINQ ICM19

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Three-year device longevity that optimizes diagnostic yield

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One-third the size of a AAA battery (1.2 cc)

Additional resources

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Discover the benefits of the LINQ II ICM.


pdf Reveal LINQ ICM overview (.pdf)

Learn more about the Reveal LINQ ICM.


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Nominal settings.

Reference the Reveal LINQ ICM Clinician Manual for usage parameters.



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