See what artificial intelligence (AI) can do.

Proven AI, now even more accurate1

Watch our video to learn more about AccuRhythm AI algorithms, now enhanced to further improve accuracy without compromising sensitivity.

Clinically meaningful and actionable alerts

Atrial fibrillation (AF) and Pause AccuRhythm AI algorithms further enhance the accuracy of the LINQ II ICM data.1–3 The cloud-based artificial intelligence system reduces false alerts while retaining true alerts, so you can maintain diagnostic yield and spend more time on the human side of care.

AccuRhythm AI algorithms are a groundbreaking platform that can seamlessly and remotely apply deep learning algorithms to already-transmitting LINQ II devices. They were rigorously trained and were developed based on over one million professionally adjudicated ECGs for smarter, more accurate insight without data bias.1

Graphic showing data flowing from the LINQ II ICM to a cloud representing AccuRhythm AI to the CareLink network

Atrial fibrillation and Pause algorithms

Improving accuracy while maintaining sensitivity

AccuRhythm AI algorithms further address the two most common sources of these ICM false alerts — AF and Pause.1,2,4

Validation data from real-world LINQ II ICM patients demonstrated:

> 97.4% reduction in false Pause alerts.
> 88.2% reduction in false AF alerts.

Preserved true alerts1:

99% true AF alerts preserved
100% true Pause alerts preserved

Reduce false alerts1,2

Chart illustrating how AccuRhythm AI algorithms reduce AF and Pause false alerts

Why use AccuRhythm AI algorithms?

Leveraging more than 25 years of ICM expertise and a robust history of in-human ICM data, Medtronic is uniquely equipped to build deep-learning AI algorithms that evaluate the entire waveform in ICM ECGs.1

91% reduction in LINQ II ICM false alerts1

Check out how this impacts your clinic's time. The AccuRhythm AI algorithms can save clinicians approximately 401 hours of false alert review yearly for every 200 LINQ II ICM patients.*1

* The validation study performance and time study results were projected onto 16,301 LINQ II patients to calculate the time saved per year in 200 LINQ II ICM patients.

Actionable alerts you can trust

The development of the AccuRhythm AI platform to transform ICM data to deliver clinically meaningful and actionable alerts upheld the Medtronic AI Compass, a beacon of guiding principles on the ethical use of artificial intelligence in healthcare technology. The AI Compass represents the principles we use to guide our journey and the commitments we make to the users of our technologies, including patients and healthcare providers.

As we continue to innovate and deliver on our pipeline of AI powered enhancements to our LINQ family of ICMs, we commit to ensure that patient care, safety, effectiveness, quality, and accountability drive our innovation. This latest AF algorithm enhancement is no exception, ensuring preservation of true alerts.

Discover LINQ II ICM.

Learn more about the LINQ II ICM, which is compatible with AccuRhythm AI algorithms.

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