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Featured GI products

Esophageal & gastric products

Our esophageal and gastric disease products provide results to assist you with the diagnosis and treatment of esophageal disease.

Delivering meaningful innovation and comprehensive solutions for esophageal and gastric diseases from diagnosis to treatment.

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EUS & ablation products

Supporting patients through products that aid interventional radiologists, pathologists, oncologists, surgeons, and the GI community for proactive GI care.

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GI bleeding + chronic disease products

Helping patients with GI bleeding and chronic diseases through technologies to help you diagnose and treat their diseases.

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Colorectal disease products

Our products support colorectal disease patients with innovations enabling detection and treatment.

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Featured innovations

AI isn't coming, it is already here. GI Genius™ intelligent endoscopy module

Enhance your ability to identify colon polyps with artificial intelligence (AI).1 The GI Genius™ intelligent endoscopy module offers a transformative solution – to address the challenges of detecting colorectal polyps. By harnessing deep learning algorithms and real-time data, we empower physicians to detect colorectal polyps through enhanced visualization.

Discover Genius Academy

A virtual educational platform with relevant resources on artificial intelligence (AI) in GI care.

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We are committed to delivering educational solutions and resources aimed at helping you achieve procedural and clinical proficiency.

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Repici A, Badalamenti M, Maselli R, et al. Artificial intelligence for colorectal polyp detection: high accuracy and detection anticipation with CB-17-08 performance. Oral or Poster. Dec. 2018.