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Viance Crossing Catheter

Peripheral Interventions


Efficiently cross CTOs above and below the knee and deliver guidewires, without the need for capital equipment, to enable treatment of peripheral arterial disease (PAD) with your therapy of choice. Choose the Viance™ crossing catheter, with its low profile, atraumatic tip. Maintain control of crossing with features that regulate the catheter's spinning motion to help direct the tip through the lesion and that provide audible feedback to confirm movement through the occlusion.

U.S. Indications

The Viance Catheter is intended for use with a guidewire to access discrete regions of the peripheral vasculature. When used as part of the Peripheral System, the Viance Catheter is indicated for use to facilitate the intraluminal placement of conventional guidewires beyond stenotic peripheral lesions (including chronic total occlusions) prior to placement of other interventional devices.

Product Details

  • Multi-coiled wire shaft results in 1:1 torque for predictable response.
  • Fast spin torque handle enables the physician to spin the device quickly to transfer torque.
  • Device utilizes finesse rather than force to cross and does not rely on capital equipment.

Design of the Viance Crossing Catheter

Design of the Viance Crossing Catheter

  1. Low-profile, atraumatic tip designed for smooth crossing and minimized risk of perforation.
  2. Multi-wire coiled shaft provides 1:1 torque.
  3. Fast-spin torque handle allows for tactile, self-controlled spinning motion, enabling the Viance catheter tip to find its way through the lesion.
  4. Ratchet is an audible feedback mechanism that helps ensure torque is continuously transferring.
  5. OTW 0.014” guidewire compatibility allows for above and below the knee crossing.


Targeting Small Microchannels with Viance Catheter

How Viance Works Video - (00:55)

See how the Viance crossing catheter can be used to target small microchannels within a lesion, above or below the knee, for CTO crossing.
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pdf Crossing Portfolio Brochure (.pdf)

Medtronic offers a robust crossing portfolio toolkit to help you confidently navigate tortuous vasculature and cross complex lesions.



Instructions for Use
Find this technical manual in the product labeling supplied with each device or by calling technical support for cardiovascular services: (877) 526‑7890.

Model Specifications

Reference Number VNC-FX-150 VNC-SD-150
Description Flexible Standard
Working Length (cm) 150 150
Guidewire Compatibility (in) 0.014 0.014
Crossing Profile (max in) 0.038 0.038
Crossing Profile (max in) 5 F 5 F

See product catalog for complete, detailed product information.