Concerto Helix and
3D detachable coil systems
for peripheral embolization

The Concerto™ Helix and 3D detachable coil systems offer helical and complex options for peripheral embolization, in diameters from 2 to 20 mm.

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Concerto coils controlled delivery animation

Watch the Concerto detachable coil systems in action.


The Concerto detachable coil system is indicated for arterial and venous embolizations in the peripheral vasculature.

Product details

Treat more patients

  • Treat multiple anatomies with the combination of complex and helical coils.
  • Smoothly reach distal and challenging vessels thanks to the coil softness.1

Treat them safely

  • The detachment system has a 99.7% success rate.1
  • The microcatheter kickback is minimal with a soft distal pusher and 360° rotation of ball-and-socket design.1

Treat them faster

Fibers reduce the occlusion time, enhancing the mechanical action of bare coils.2

  • 80% increase in peak thrombin production.*2
  • 241% higher rate of thrombin.*2
Concerto detachment system close-up with a blue arrow going around the center
Circle statistic stating 80% increase in peak thrombin production
Circle statistic stating a 241% higher rate of thrombin

* Compared to bare coils. Percentages are calculated from the average of PGLA and nylon fibered coils.

Coil thickness 

Coil thickness or primary wind increases with coil diameter.

Diagram showing Concerto coil thickness or primary wind increases with coil diameter

Case studies

Showcase a collection of cases for peripheral embolization solutions.

This interactive experience allows you to browse through the anatomy and review real case studies from experienced physicians. Get started and see the Concerto coils in action.

Human anatomy peripheral vasculature with navy blue squares over certain areas

Manuals and technical guides

The technical manuals include indications, warnings, precautions, MRI information, and directions for use. Find them in the product labeling supplied with each device, or by calling 1-763-526-7890

Model specifications

Concerto Helix detachable coil system

Soft coil with helical shape for packing

Concerto Helix detachable coil system shown inside the peripheral vasculature

Concerto 3D detachable coil system

Conformable and stable coil with complex shape for framing

Concerto 3D detachable coil system shown inside an aneurysm

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Test data on file at Medtronic. Bench test results may not be indicative of clinical performance.


Girdhar G, Read M, Sohn J, Shah C, Shrivastava S. In-vitro thrombogenicity assessment of polymer filament modified and native platinum embolic coils. J Neurol Sci. April 15, 2014;339(1-2):97-101.