Cardiac ablation and mapping

Clinical evidence

Explore clinical studies and evidence that evaluate our novel cardiac ablation technologies.

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PULSED AF evaluated the safety and effectiveness of the PulseSelect™ pulsed field ablation (PFA) system for the treatment of patients with paroxysmal (PAF) or persistent (PsAF) atrial fibrillation.

STOP AF First trial

View data from the clinical trial assessing initial rhythm control of paroxysmal AF with cryoballoon ablation versus antiarrhythmic drugs.

STOP Persistent AF trial

View information on this clinical trial assessing the safety and efficacy of the Medtronic cryoballoon in treating persistent AF patients.


In this trial, the DiamondTemp™ ablation system was compared to a contact force-sensing ablation system (CF-RF).


This trial assessed the use of the Freezor™ Xtra cardiac cryoablation catheter in treating AVNRT.

STOP AF trial

Learn more about this randomized study on the effectiveness of the Arctic Front™ and Arctic Front Advance™ cardiac cryoablation catheters.

Fire and Ice trial

Discover information on this 1:1 randomized, noninferiority study comparing cryoballoon and radiofrequency ablation.

Ongoing clinical studies

Cryo Global Registry

Prospective, global, multicenter, observational post-market registry (PMR) to evaluate and describe clinical performance and safety data in a broad patient population treated with the commercially available Arctic Front family of cardiac cryoablation catheters.

DIAMOND-AF Post-approval study

Prospective, global, multicenter, nonrandomized, single-arm observational trial. The purpose of this clinical study is to describe clinical performance and safety data in a broad patient population treated with the DiamondTemp ablation system.