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Inclusion, diversity & equity

Zero barriers: Shaping outcomes

Global Inclusion, Diversity & Equity 2022 Annual Report

Zero barriers to opportunity. That’s our commitment to inclusion, diversity, and equity (ID&E) at Medtronic. We remove barriers to equity in our workplace, our industry, and our communities.

It’s a lofty goal and won’t happen overnight. But we will not stop until we reach zero.

Our Global Inclusion, Diversity & Equity 2022 Annual Report highlights our commitment and progress to advance ID&E at Medtronic. And this year’s report is filled with stories — highlighting people, programs, and partners — to showcase how we are removing barriers inside and outside our walls. This includes:

Our most recently filed U.S. Federal Employment Information Report (EEO-1) is available for download. While we make the document publicly available, we believe our Global Inclusion, Diversity & Equity 2022 Annual Report provides a more comprehensive view of our progress, aspirations, and impact.

inclusion, diversity & equity

inclusion, diversity & equity