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Healthy planet, healthy people

We believe that people can only live their healthiest lives on a healthy planet.

Every day we see the effects of global climate change threatening people’s ability to live healthy and prosperous lives.

We believe that people can only live their healthiest lives on a healthy planet. We aim to use sustainable business practices to minimize our environmental footprint by finding innovative ways to reduce our operational carbon footprint, cut our waste and water usage, and build sustainability into our products.

Shrinking our carbon footprint one step at a time

The continuation of current levels of global carbon emissions will alter the planet. Our teams across the world are working to reduce our energy use, invest in renewables, and reduce our greenhouse gas emissions intensity. This work also includes creating climate-resilient operations and supporting communities recovering from climate-change-induced natural disasters.

Net zero carbon emissions by FY45

We are actively working to protect our planet by building on progress towards carbon neutrality in our operations by FY30 and setting a net zero emissions ambition across our business and value chain by FY45.“


–Greg Smith, Executive Vice President, Supply Chain and Operations, Medtronic

A photo of Medtronic EVP, Global Operations and Supply Chain Greg Smith

Rethinking our waste and water use

Many important resources are becoming scarce. To do our part to diminish this trend, we strive to uncover ways to reduce our dependence on scarce materials in our supply chain. At the same time, we are discovering new and innovative ways to reduce our water usage and waste.


Sustainable products by design

Linear manufacturing processes and consumption patterns often lack consideration of product life cycles and can contribute to the acceleration of global environmental decline. To minimize waste and extend product life cycles, we look for ways to optimize how our products are designed, built, used, reused, recycled, and disposed of.

See details of our progress in our Sustainability Report.