Once your Medtronic drug pump is implanted and the implant site is healed, you and your doctor will work together to develop a pain management program. That program may include other types of therapies in addition to your Medtronic device, like physical therapy and exercise, with the goal of helping you to restore function for daily living. Medtronic provides the resources below to help you succeed long-term with your therapy.

After surgery

During the first few weeks after the procedure, you may have special instructions from your doctor.

Learn about recovery

Optimizing therapy

From refill appointments to pump alarms, learn how to get the most from your therapy.

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Signs of 

It's important for you to know the signs of overdose, when it might happen, and what to look for.

Know the warning signs

Getting an MRI

If you ever need an MRI, here’s what you and your doctor should know.

Find MRI stories

Before travel

Find out how to prepare for travel, request a new patient ID card, or contact Medtronic.

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Getting a replacement

Learn more about typical product life and when to schedule a pump replacement.

Learn about replacement

Contact us

Your physician is your first point of contact. If you need technical support, you may contact
Medtronic patient services
at 1-800-510-6735.

Find a physician

Find a pain management specialist who can answer your questions about targeted drug delivery.

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Information on this site should not be used as a substitute for talking with your doctor. Always talk with your doctor about diagnosis and treatment information.