Living with an insertable heart monitor

MyCareLink Relay™ Home Communicator

For the LINQ II™ insertable cardiac monitor (ICM)

Set up your home communicator.

The MyCareLink Relay home communicator is a bedside unit that receives your heart information from your LINQ II ICM and sends it to your doctor. Watch the videos below for information on setting up your MyCareLink Relay home communicator and connecting to Wi-Fi.

Need help?

Customer support: 866-470-7709
Monday–Friday, 7:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. CT

Optional Patient Assistant

Your doctor may recommend that you carry an additional small device to mark symptoms. If you receive one, carry it with you at all times to mark symptoms as they happen.

To use the Patient Assistant:

  1. When you experience a symptom, press and release the button. The searching light will start to flash blue.
  2. Quickly hold the Patient Assistant flat against your chest, directly over your LINQ II ICM.
  3. When a symptom is successfully marked, the success tone will sound and the success light will illuminate green. If the success signals do not occur within 15 seconds, repeat steps 1-2.
Patient assistant device on transparent background
If you have a medical emergency, you should call 911.

Important Safety Information

Additional Information: Patient Assistant
The Patient Assistant is intended for unsupervised patient use away from a hospital or clinic. The Patient Assistant activates the data management feature in the Reveal™ insertable cardiac monitor to initiate recording of cardiac event data in the implanted device memory. Operation of the Patient Assistant near sources of electromagnetic interference, such as cellular phones, computer monitors, etc., may adversely affect the performance of this device.


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