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Patient health and safety is our absolute priority in manufacturing medical technology. We have a responsibility to ensure the quality and sterility of our devices, as well as their safe delivery. We also understand the importance of caring for our world and its natural resources and focus our efforts on reducing the energy, water, and waste footprint of our operations and products.

Our global Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) Policy establishes our performance management system to set goals, measure progress, and integrate sustainability into decision-making. It also addresses climate change — an issue that presents risks and potential disruption for global business.

We strive to incorporate EHS considerations when designing new products, considering impacts throughout the product life cycle from materials to manufacturing, distribution, and disposal. Our Sustainable Packaging Working Group strives to reduce the environmental impact of product packaging while maintaining our rigorous quality standards to ensure products reach customers in perfect condition. Other efforts include increased recycling to divert unusable products from landfills.

Guided by our 2020 Environmental Performance Goals, we proactively manage our operational energy use, greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), regulated and non-regulated waste, and water.  In FY20, we will launch new goals, committing us to further reduce the environmental impact of our operations by 2025.


We surpassed four of our five 2020 goals with reductions in energy use, emissions, non-regulated waste, and water use since FY13, reducing:

  • Energy use by 26%
  • Greenhouse gas emissions by 38%
  • Non-regulated waste by 33%
  • Regulated waste by 8%
  • Water use by 23%

This year we implemented 133 energy conservation projects, generated 75,500 MWh of energy onsite, and sourced renewable energy for 35 percent of our total energy needs. Energy projects completed in FY19 will save Medtronic an estimated $4.3 million in operational costs.

We continue to work toward achieving our regulated waste goal, which is at a 1% increase from FY13. In FY18, we reduced our regulated waste by 9% compared to the previous year.

We take a holistic approach to make the world a healthier place. This includes managing the energy we consume, the waste we generate, and the water we use.

In FY18 Medtronic made the following strides:

  • We invested in energy-efficient technology and generated 69,100 MWh of energy on-site through fuel cell and cogeneration systems, including 4,300 MWh of new capacity.
  • We continually look for ways to eliminate waste at our sites to reduce costs and lessen our environmental impact. In FY18, we limited our waste generation to 25,367 metric tons, a nearly 8% decrease from FY17.
  • We proactively take steps to curtail our water use. For example, at our North Haven, CT site, we implemented three projects to reduce potable water use that will save an estimated 24,600 cubic meters of water each year.

Medtronic scientists and engineers follow EHS guidelines when designing new products. This standardised approach incorporates environmental considerations from the start and helps us meet both regulatory requirements and customer expectations. For example:

  • In FY18 we reduced landfill waste by recycling or reusing 171MT of medical sensors from our Nellcor business, which specialises in pulse oximetry devices.

Read a summary of our 2019 corporate citizenship progress
The Power of Purpose — Promoting Environmental Stewardship

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