Building a Career Pipeline CITIZENSHIP

Medtronic partners with African American community leaders to reduce economic disparities.

Like many communities where Medtronic has a strong presence as an employer, recent U.S. Census data shows significant income and racial disparities, and low employment rates for residents of colour in Minnesota. These types of social determinants, like income gaps, impact prosperity, health and well-being— not only at the individual level, but at a regional level.

“Neighbours in our communities need real pathways to meaningful careers that provide economic growth,” said Geoff Martha, Executive Vice President and President for the Restorative Therapies Group, Medtronic. “We know we have a role to play as a global corporate citizen, and its built upon the commitment of our Mission — to contribute to human welfare by alleviating pain, restoring health, and extending life.”

Working with community groups and leaders, Medtronic launched a new employment program aimed at improving economic stability for African American residents. The program was designed around an innovative employment pathway model that recruits, identifies barriers to employment, and creates wrap-around strategies to support candidates throughout their first year on the job.

“Barriers such as childcare, transportation, and financial management that tend to throw people off course are looked at carefully and analysed along the way to inform how we provide a strong career path for success,” said Sylvia Bartley, Senior Director, Philanthropy, Medtronic. “By using a scalable approach to recruit and retain workers, we’re learning what we can do for employees from underserved communities to minimise potential barriers and guide them from the beginning into meaningful, long-term career opportunities.”

In its early stages, the program is filling skilled assembler positions to help manufacture core components for implantable devices like heart and brain devices.

Working with community partners, like EMERGE in Minneapolis, Medtronic is creating career opportunities for people like James, a veteran, and father of three. “I came here with the mindset that I would do the best I could, every day. Because I know we’re making a difference,” he said. “Working here, and seeing the dedication everyone has, and how the company supports and believes in you. I think it’s a great thing,” he added.

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“This is meaningful work — employees through this program are contributing to Medtronic technology that improve the lives of more than two people every second,” added Martha. 

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