Frequently Asked Questions After Neck Surgery

How long WILL the cervical disc system last?

There is not enough long term data to predict the lifetime of a cervical disc, please discuss this with a healthcare professional.

What happens if the cervical disc system and/or surgery are not effective?

If new neck or arm pain is experienced, it is possible that either the surgery was not effective or that the cervical disc system has failed. If the pain does not resolve, additional surgery may be required. Contact a doctor immediately.

Can I shower after surgery?

You will have a bandage on your neck. You may shower quickly but try not to soak the bandage. Do not have a bath.

Will I have a large scar?

The incision is typically about 25mm long and usually heals so that it is barely noticeable.

When can I drive?

For a period of time after surgery, a person may be cautioned about activities such as driving. Talk to a doctor for specific recommendations.

Can I travel?

Because of increased airport security measures, please call local airport authority before traveling to obtain information that may help you pass through security more quickly and easily. A device may set off airport security detectors, so ask a doctor to request a patient identification card. You can use this card to accurately and quickly share information about the device with others. 

FINDING A qualified surgeon

Please consult your local GP to assess your condition for referral to a spinal surgeon.

Can I receive an MRI after surgery?

Yes, patients can receive an MRI any time after surgery, however, as MRI machines vary, please tell all of your doctors if you have a cervical system and talk to your doctors about appropriate testing conditions.