Life with seizures can be overwhelming and debilitating. If an adult is suffering from partial-onset (focal) seizures that are uncontrolled by medications, their doctor may talk to them about DBS therapy.

DBS is a therapy  that may help reduce the frequency of seizures. DBS therapy for Epilepsy is indicated to significantly reduce even patients’ most severe partial-onset (focal) seizures, and incidence of epilepsy-related injury.1


DBS Therapy for Epilepsy carefully delivers controlled electrical stimulation directly to the specific areas in your brain involved with seizures through a small implanted device similar to a cardiac pacemaker. A small neurostimulator is surgically placed under the skin in the chest or abdomen to deliver therapy. The device sends electrical pulses through thin, insulated wires called leads that are placed in a specific area of the brain where seizures occur.

If DBS therapy is ineffective or not tolerated, the DBS system can be turned off or surgically removed from the body. if experiencing side effects — such as a tingling sensation at the implant site — it typically can be resolved with adjustments in device programming.

Customised and Comfortable Control

Results demonstrate that DBS Therapy for Epilepsy gives the patient the stimulation needed and can be modified for individual control of therapy. Over time, the doctor will adjust the therapy settings in the device to meet your specific needs. Personalised therapy settings are programmed in the clinic using wireless communication between the implanted device and a clinician programmer. Every individual is different, so programming optimisation may take place over several months to find the settings that best reduce the seizures and potential side effects.1

The doctor may also provide a handheld patient programmer that enables switching the stimulator on and off, checking the device battery level, and modifying stimulation settings that are pre-set by the physician.

Antiepileptic medications will most likely need to be continued. The doctor will determine medication treatment and dosages that are right for each patient.


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