Potential Patient Pathway Adenoidectomy


An ENT specialist (otolaryngologist) diagnoses and treats ear, nose, and throat conditions. This is the medical professional who performs adenoidectomies. They will discuss the best way to remove a child’s adenoids.

ENT specialists can use one of several methods to remove adenoids. The choice depends on the child’s condition and the surgeon’s preferred technique:

  • Curette – Most adenoidectomies are done with this surgical instrument, which looks like a small garden hoe with the centre of the blade cut out. The inside edge of the curette is very sharp. To see the adenoids, the surgeon guides a tiny mirror high into the throat behind the nose. They then position the curette, remove the mirror, and “swipe” the adenoids from the back of the throat.

  • Suction cautery – This method uses a metal instrument that generates heat to remove or shrink the adenoid tissue. The device is flexible and can be bent to fit the patient’s mouth, nose, and throat.

There are various new techniques and surgical treatment options continually developing, these options are best discussed with an ENT specialist.