Living With Ventilation Tubes Ear Infections

After Surgery

Ventilation tubes – After surgery, the child will be observed for a few hours to make sure there are no complications. The ENT specialist will provide instructions about when to get immediate attention and when to schedule follow-up appointments. The child may also get a prescription for antibiotic ear drops.

Daily Living

Ventilation tubes – There are no challenges or problems related to daily living with vent tubes. There should be a few things to keep in mind, however. Vent tubes sometimes fall out before they’re supposed to. If so, fluid can build up again and the surgery will have to be repeated. Vent tubes that stay in too long may need to be removed.

To prevent germs from getting into the ear through the vent tube, many doctors recommend using ear plugs during bathing or swimming to keep the ears dry. This is particularly important when swimming in untreated water, such as lakes and rivers. The doctor will suggest the best way to protect the child’s ears after surgery.