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Hear from Micra Implanting Physicians

Micra was first approved by the FDA in 2016, and now over 100,000 patients globally are potentially benefiting from Micra technology.1 Ongoing physician training and clinical research remains a cornerstone for Micra. Currently, more than 17,000 Micra patients are being followed in global clinical trials. 

Portrait of Dr. Devi G. Nair

Dr. Devi G. Nair

St. Bernards Heart and Vascular Center and
White River Medical Center
Jonesboro and Batesville, Arkansas, United States

"Micra has an outstanding safety profile, quicker post-procedure recovery time, and excellent long-term longevity. For the right patient, it is aesthetically very compelling, being truly out of sight and out of mind."

Portrait of Professor Clemens Steinwender

Prof. Clemens Steinwender

Kepler University Hospital
Linz, Austria

"From the very beginning I knew that leadless pacing was a technology that would come to stay. With Micra AV, we implant leadless pacemakers for more indications — and that is really good news for our patients!"

Portrait of Dr. Tomoo Harada

Dr. Tomoo Harada

St. Marianna University School of Medicine
Kawasaki, Japan

"Because the physique of Japanese patients is often small, they appreciate that this pacemaker is miniaturized and totally implanted inside the heart."

Portrait of Dr. Kenji Ando

Dr. Kenji Ando

Kokura Memorial Hospital
Fukuoka, Japan

"My patients say that they forget they have a pacemaker and feel free from daily worries. I am glad that Micra is one of our therapy options."

Portrait of Dr. Christophe Garweg

Dr. Christophe Garweg

University Hospital Leuven
Leuven, Belgium

"Micra is the only leadless pacing system available for clinical practice. Micra reduces the complication rate for our patients."

Portrait of Dr. Mikhael El-Chami

Dr. Mikhael El-Chami

Emory University Hospital Midtown
Atlanta, Georgia, United States

"Micra has revolutionized the field of cardiac pacing by miniaturizing a pacemaker and rendering it entirely intracardiac."

Portrait of Dr. Praveen Chandra

Dr. Praveen Chandra

Gurgaon, India

"My patients appreciate that compared to conventional pacemakers, Micra provides greater post-procedure mobility."

Seven members of the National Taiwan University hospital team smiling

Dr. Chih-Chieh Yu (middle) and Taiwan University Hospital Team

National Taiwan University Hospital
Taipei, Taiwan

"For us, Micra is definitely the best innovation in cardiac pacing in this past decade. With Micra AV, the indicated patient population has expanded."

Portrait of Dr. Surinder Kaur Khalae

Dr. Surinder Kaur Khalae

National Heart Institute (IJN)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

"Micra is a game changer in the world of pacing. A marvelous innovation — a pacemaker, the size of a pill being able to sense in the atrium and pace in the ventricle."

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The single chamber Micra transcatheter pacing system is being described herein as Micra VR in order to distinguish it from the dual chamber (VDD) Micra AV product. When information in this document relates to both Micra AV and VR, “Micra transcatheter pacing systems” is used to represent the portfolio of devices.



Akatsu, Susumu. 100,000 Micra Patients Implanted. May 2021. Medtronic data on file.