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Midas Rex Microsaws

Components of the Midas Rex Microsaws

Midas Rex Microsaws comprise precision blades, ergonomic handpieces, a versatile power console, and patented integrated irrigation.

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Precision Blades

The Precision Blades of Our Microsaws

Midas Rex Microsaws Blades

Microsaws are primarily used for bone harvesting and grafting in fine bone procedures where precision control is paramount. Blades that wobble, bend, or flail can cause undesirable bone fracturing or a wider-than-desired kerf. Microsaws with excessive vibration also can lead to hand numbness and fatigue.

The perfect microsaw blade is a delicate balance between hardness and flexibility. Harder steel stays sharp longer and holds the cutting path better. But a blade that's too hard can snap; too soft, and it won’t hold its edge.

Tiny Arms on Oscillating Blades Prevent Dropped Blades while Tightening

From the Brand You Trust Most

From the beginning, Medtronic committed to engineering the best microsaws on the market. Blade quality and design distinguishes Midas Rex® Microsaws from others. Our microsaws’ blades are manufactured to exacting standards for reliable performance you can trust.

Midas Rex Microsaws feature:

  • Blades that are manufactured from the highest grade of stainless steel. The blades for our microsaws are made from modified 420 stainless steel. This superior grade of steel balances strength and flexibility, minimizing breakage and preventing premature dulling.
  • Laser-cut blades with a cleaner, sharper edge. While other microsaws’ blades are stamped, Midas Rex Microsaws are laser-cut for sharper edges and ultimate precision.
  • Ultra-thin blades that are less than 0.3 mm thick. Our blades are one-third thinner than others on the market to minimize cut width, yet the quality of the steel still keeps them strong.
  • Minimal vibration. Our blades produce minimal vibration to reduce the likelihood of bone cracking and hand fatigue.

An Attention to Detail that Shows

  • Broad variety of blades for many different procedures and multiple specialties
  • Easy attachment and removal of blades
  • Color-coded blades, handpieces, and connectors
  • Tiny “arms” on oscillating blades that prevent them from falling during attachment


Power Console

Integrated Irrigation


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