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The TruClear™ system 

  • The TruClear™ system provides direct visualization of the uterine cavity and efficient tissue removal. It will also deliver the assurance you have captured all the tissue you need for pathological analysis. 
  • TruClear™ soft tissue shavers enable access to the entire cavity, including the cornua and fundal wall.
  • TruClear™ soft tissue shavers provide precise resection all the way down to the base.
  • TruClear™ Elite hysteroscopes offer integrated continuous inflow and outflow to optimize visibility and eliminate floating tissue for a clear operative field.

Say goodbye to blind D&C

The TruClear™ system enables you to:
Access the entire uterus

Including the fundal wall and cornua — areas often out of reach to reciprocating devices due to a cap on the distal tip.

Have complete visualization of what you’re resecting

The TruClear™ hysteroscopes are the only instruments available with continuous inflow and outflow, which allows you to maintain a clear operative field throughout the procedure.

Have precise resection

With the ability to resect pathology down to the base. So you have confidence that you captured all the tissue needed for pathological analysis.

Treat RPOC with confidence

For retained products of conception evacuation, the TruClear™ system:
  • May minimize endometrial damage by evacuating RPOC under direct visualization.
  • Captures tissue for histological confirmation
  • Will enable complete removal of tissue — demonstrated in over 94 percent of patients in a clinical study — therefore helping to reduce the need for additional procedures.([FOOTNOTE=Hamerlynck T, Blikkendaal M, Schoot B, Hanstede M, Jansen F. An alternative approach for removal of placental remnants: hysteroscopic morcellation. J Minim Invasive Gynecol. 2013;20(6):796–802.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])

Less Invasive Hysterectomy Technologies

From access and visualization to dissection and suturing, our GYN portfolio includes a wide range of minimally invasive technologies for hysterectomies.

  • †As of June 2020.