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HawkOne Directional Atherectomy System

Atherectomy of Peripheral Vasculature


Treat above and below the knee with the HawkOne™ directional atherectomy system to restore blood flow by removing plaque in patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD). The HawkOne device treats all plaque morphologies, including severe calcium. Enhanced crossing and simpler cleaning make your procedure more efficient. If your treatment goal is to make a small channel or to maximize luminal gain, choose the Medtronic directional atherectomy system to preserve a patient's native vessel and keep future treatment options open.


The HawkOne™ directional atherectomy system is intended for use in atherectomy of the peripheral vasculature. The HawkOne catheter is NOT intended for use in the coronary, carotid, iliac, or renal vasculature.

Product Details

HawkOne System Parts

The HawkOne System includes a catheter with a cutter driver (1), torquer knob (2), and distal flush tool (3).

HawkOne System Parts

Cutter Driver

  • Enables you to treat all plaque morphologies effectively, with an ergonomically designed and powered cutter driver.
  • Offers 12,000 RPMs.

Torquer knob

  • The knob allows you to directionally target eccentric and concentric plaque.

Distal Flush and Cleaning Tool

  • The preloaded distal flush tool offers faster cleaning and fewer steps.
HawkOne Distal Flush and Cleaning Tool

Distal tip

  • Radiopaque tip offers enhanced visualization and easier guidewire loading.
  • Lower profile crosses tight lesions more predictably.

Optimized Jog

Optimized jog improves engagement in calcified lesions and enhanced wall opposition in 2-7mm vessels.

  1. Model H1-LS
  2. Model H1-M
  3. Distal Tip
HawkOne Optimized Jog

Enhanced Cutting

  • Four contoured cutting blades engage and treat all morphologies, even severe calcium.
  • Provides consistent and predictable cutting with no increase in cut depth.
  • Treat severely calcified lesions up to 2 times more effectively.*
HawkOne Blade Design

Reduced Procedure Time

  • Simplified directional atherectomy device selection with 6 F and 7 F HawkOne devices.
  • Easy setup, with no capital equipment required.

Improved Crossing

  • A lower crossing profile enables you to cross challenging lesions more predictably. It provides a 25% improvement in tracking and deliverability through an indicated 7 F sheath.*

Manuals and Technical Guides

Instructions for Use
Find this technical manual in the product labeling supplied with each device or by calling technical support for cardiovascular devices: +1 763-526-7890

Model Specifications

  7F 7F 6F 6F
Model Name LS  LX 
Reference Number H1-LS-INT H1-LX-INT H1-M-INT H1-S-INT
Vessel Diameter (mm) 3.5-7.0 3.5-7.0 3.0-7.0 2.0-4.0
Sheath Compatibility (Fr) 7 7 6 6
Crossing Profile (mm) 2.6 2.6 2.2 2.2
Working Length† (cm) 114 114 135 151
Effective Length** (cm) 107 104 129 145
Tip Length (cm) 6.6 9.6 5.9 5.9
Max. Cut Length (mm) 50 75 40 40
Packing Device X X X X

Working Length – Distal end of pre-loaded flush tool, in the proximal position, to the distal end of tip.

** Effective Length – Distal end of pre-loaded flush tool, in the proximal position, to the proximal end of cutter window.


See product catalog for complete, detailed product information. 


All comparisons and claims made in reference to the TurboHawk™ High Efficiency Cutter. Data on file.