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Midas Rex Legend Stylus

High-Speed Electric Surgical Drills

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We offer additional products related to the Legend Stylus Surgical Drills, including microsaws, high-torque handpieces, nerve monitors, and more.

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IPC System

Integrated Power Console (IPC System)

Integrated Power Console, A Medtronic Powered Surgery System

The IPC is indicated for cutting, removal, drilling, and sawing of soft and hard tissue, bone, and biomaterials. An intuitive user-interface aids in quick set-up and making proper cable connections.


Powers up to 4 Medtronic handpieces at once

  • Midas Rex Legend EHS Drill
  • Midas Rex Legend EHS Stylus Drill
  • Midas Rex Legend EHS Stylus Touch Drill
  • Midas Rex Microsaws
  • Midas Rex Spine Shaver
  • Triton High-Torque Handpiece
  • Indigo High-Speed Otologic Drill
  • Visao High-Speed Otologic Drill
  • Skeeter Otologic Drill
  • Endo-Scrub 2 Lens Cleaning Sheaths
  • Straightshot M5 Microdebrider
  • Straightshot M4 Microdebrider
  • Powerease Handpiece

Flexible, On-drill Irrigation

  • Two integrated pumps
  • Disposable Intelliflow remote allows precise flow control from sterile field
  • Snap-on cassette so tubing passes perfectly through pump
  • Inner diameter of tubing allows continuous flow, even at low flow rates
  • IV pole mount

Multifunction foot pedals

  • 2 styles: wide-angle accessibility or front accessibility
  • Optional splitter for simultaneous connection of two foot controls
  • Three buttons provide maximum control
  • Hoop locks firmly in place, and collapses easily for storage
  • Non-slip, compact design ideal for the OR
  • Pedal rises to optimum angle

Legend Tools / Attachments

Curved Burs

Bone Mill

Otologic Drills

Nerve Monitors

Surgical Navigation