ACCESSORIES Balloon Kyphoplasty



Curettes are used to scrape and score bone in the vertebral body during balloon kyphoplasty procedures.

Kyphon Latitude II Curette

T-tip or wedge-tip, compatible only with 8ga access tools  

Curette with 8.0mm T-tip, 6.5mm Wedge-tip, and 8.5 Wedge-tip
Curette with 8.0mm T-tip (A11B), 6.5mm Wedge Tip (A11D), and 8.5mm Wedge Tip (A11E)

Kyphon Express Curette

T-tip, compatible with both 8 and 10ga access tools  

Curette with T-Tip (A13A)
Curette with T-tip (A13A)

Curved Needle

The curved needle is designed to optimize flexibility and stiffness, with an open distal tip for precisely targeted cement flow across the vertebral body.

Kyphon Kurve Curved Bone Filler Device

13ga, use with Kyphon™ Cement Delivery System  

Curved BFD
Curved Bone Filler Device

Bone Biopsy

These tools let you easily collect a biopsy sample after accessing the vertebral body.

Kyphon Express II Biopsy Device

Size 2, 10ga

Biopsy Device (F07A)
Biopsy Device (F07A)

Kyphon Xpander II Biopsy Device and Kit

Size 3, 8ga  

Biopsy Device (F05A)
Biopsy Device (F05A)

Biopsy Kit (F18A)
Biopsy Kit (F18A)