A partnership to address patients' backlog and hospital capacity challenges 



If deferred elective procedures due to COVID-19 and capacity constraints are leading to surgical backlogs, we can help you rapidly restore surgeries and achieve a better “new normal” by:


Maximising your in-hospital capacity and resources.​


Re-imagining your operations and clinical pathways.



Shifting some patients to alternate care settings.


Providers are overwhelmed and need a partner who can help them quickly unleash capacity.​ We are that partner.

We are currently working with more than 100 providers across EMEA to help them:​


Rapidly restore surgical activities when the volume of hospitalised COVID-19 patients is receding.​


Transform care delivery models and operational practices to sustainably increase capacity and productivity and transition to a "new normal" post​ COVID-19.​

Our solutions 

With a proven track record of helping hundreds of hospitals across EMEA, we’ve developed a set of solutions to help you address these challenges.

Maximising the use of existing capacity

Enhancing your hospital’s operational efficiency and unlocking capacity for growth.

Two surgeons sitting down and talking.

Operational excellence

Boosts operational efficiency and cost effectiveness while sustainably improving quality of care.

A female doctor sitting at a desk smiling

Supply chain optimisation and management services

Seamlessly manages inventory so, clinicians can focus on what matters most: patient care.

Four nurses gathered around a front desk talking.

Smart planning & scheduling

Optimises surgical efficiency and throughput with a combination of advanced AI scheduling software and comprehensive support.

A man with a badge sitting at a desk with a laptop in front of him

Managed Services

Outsources your non-clinical operations to help your team focus on patient care while improving operational efficiency.


Re-imagining care pathways

Minimising load on your in-hospital resources and shifting activities to alternate settings for a better “new normal”.

Two surgeons sitting down and talking.

Digital patient engagement and remote monitoring

Enhances the care journey through smarter communication and
care coordination.

A female doctor sitting at a desk smiling

Same-day discharge

Safely accelerates the shift from inpatient surgery to a day case, where indications exist.

Four nurses gathered around a front desk talking.

Connect HaH
(Hospital at Home)

Deploys a virtual hospital model to provide patients with in-patient and nursing-home-level care that is less resource intensive.

A man with a badge sitting at a desk with a laptop in front of him

Care Pathway Accelerator

Streamlines and reconfigures services, standardises protocols, fast-tracks diagnostics, and enables remote care pathways.



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