MediShieldTM Anti-adhesion gel

MediShieldTM creates a barrier to separate tissues during the initial stages of the healing process.

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MediShieldTM anti-adhesion gel creates a barrier to separate tissues during the initial stages of the healing process.

  • Helps inhibit formation of peridural adhesions
  • Resorbable
  • Biocompatible

MediShield™ Anti-Adhesion Gel is intended to be placed at sites of tissue injury in the epidural space to serve as a temporary mechanical barrier separating opposing tissue surfaces for reducing pain and the severity of postoperative adhesions.


MediShield™ Anti-Adhesion Gel is intended to be used as an adjunct to posterior lumbar laminectomy, laminotomy, or discectomy procedures for reducing pain, radiculopathy, lower extremity weakness, and the incidence, extent, and severity of postoperative adhesions.

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Flowable Gel

  • Simple delivery & application
  • Maximum the coverage of neural element exposed to fibrosis.

Adhesion-Specific Barrier

  • Does not inhibit fibroblast migration
  • Inhibits adhesion formation while allowing normal wound healing to take place.

Optimised Viscosity

  • Superior tissue adherence
  • Persistent coverage of neural structure prevents gel migration.

100%  Synthetic

  • Minimized potential for allergic reaction
  • Contains PEO(Polyethylene oxide) and CMC (Sodium carboxy methyl cellulose)
  • Calcium chloride & Sodium chloride are added for stability.


  • No need to remove implant as the barrier present only during the time while adhesions may form.



Dural abrasion studies in a rabbit laminotomy model show that;

dura is not significantly adhered at the surgical site in MediShield™ Anti-Adhesion Gel treated specimens, while control specimens show adhesions to the dura at the surgical site.


In the event of re-operation, dissection and exposure of the neural structure should be easier to perform.

Image of MediShield in use

Kim K.D. et al, Reduction in Leg Pain and Lower-Extremity Weakness with Gel for 1 Year after Laminectomy, Laminotomy, and Discectomy. Neurosurgical Focus, 2004, 7(1).

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