BONE FIBER TECHNOLOGY Bone Grafting (Spine and Orthopaedic)


Most demineralised bone products on the market are made with particles, created by grinding the bone into a powder and then demineralising it.

Image of bone particle magnified 200%

Bone fibers are created by a proprietary milling technique, and they produce a greater osteoconductive structure.1

Image of bone fiber magnified 200%

Medtronic was first to market with a fiber-based DBM. Our aseptically processed fibers have some of the highest osteoinductive scores* on the market and this interconnected mesh of fibers enhances the osteoconductive potential of the product by providing a path for cellular infiltration. Grafton™ DBM and Magnifuse™ Bone Graft are fiber-based DBMs.*

Particle-based DBM bone graft at 200% magnification

Particle-based DBM, 200% magnification.

Fiber-based DBM bone graft at 200% magnification

Fiber-based DBM, 200% magnification.

Fiber-based DBM is a more effective osteoconductive structure than particle-based DBM.1 With fiber-based DBM, bone cells are able to attach and proliferate through the network of demineralised bone fibers.


Martin et al; Spine 24(7), 1999 pp:637-645


Martin GJ, Boden SD, Titus L, Scarborough NL New Formulations of Demineralized Bone Matrix as a More Effective Graft Alternative in Experimental Posterolateral Lumbar Spine Arthrodesis. Spine. 1999;24(7):637-645

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