When it's time to replace the battery of your neurostimulator, you will need a new device to continue the therapy.

The battery life of Activa® PC or Activa® SC depends on how much stimulation you're programmed to receive each day. The average battery life is 3 to 5 years. Activa® RC, the rechargeable neurostimulator, is replaced after 15 years.


Your doctor will check the battery level and performance of your neurostimulator(s) at each appointment. You can also check your battery with your patient programmer. Plan ahead and don't wait for your battery to run out before getting your device replaced. 

Tell your doctor right away if you stop getting symptom relief, as the battery may have run out.


Before your battery (or batteries) runs out, you'll need to replace the neurostimulator(s) of your Medtronic DBS System through a surgical procedure. The DBS leads and extensions can typically stay in place and be reconnected to the new neurostimulator(s). In some cases a pocket adapter may be required.

A surgeon will replace your neurostimulator(s) during a short surgical procedure in hospital. Typically, the very thin wires (leads) that were implanted in the brain stay in place and are connected to the new device.