We empower clinicians and patients with actionable insights to personalize care and reduce the risk of dangerous and costly patient complications.


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Committed to patient safety

Our market-leading technology has been tested and verified to help you predict potential adverse events, so clinicians can respond earlier.


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Driving connected care

Greater connectivity can help reduce the cost of care and ease workload while extending monitoring from in-hospital and from hospital-to-home.


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Delivering value beyond the product

Our offerings range from customized contracts that come with equipment, consumables, and technology support tailored to your business and budget, to advanced education and training.

Predict and protect

When your job is keeping patients safe, every decision is critical. Our patient monitoring portfolio provides you with valuable information on key parameters to help you predict potential adverse events, proactively plan for the unexpected, and protect your patients. Giving you more visibility, wherever you are. And always putting your patients first. 

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We’re your partner in patient monitoring — every step of the way.

Now you can respond quickly, with market-leading patient monitoring technology that helps predict potential adverse events. In-hospital and hospital-to-home monitoring helps clinicians keep staff and patients safe, while accurate readings help protect your most vulnerable patients. And it’s all backed by volumes of peer-reviewed evidence and 30 years of experience.

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Always looking out for you

World-class support and service

Taking care of you and your patients is what we do. Our ongoing partnership includes specialized clinician support, advanced education and training, and seamless cross-portfolio integration — all from the leader in healthcare technology.

HealthCast™ intelligent patient monitoring portfolio

HealthCast™ intelligent patient monitoring

HealthCast™ intelligent patient monitoring is an integrated portfolio of solutions to streamline patient monitoring and management from hospital to home.

Our partners

Our partnerships with societies and nonprofits help us to improve patient outcomes and safety.

Our partners include:

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Patient monitoring solutions

made simple

patient monitor

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Never miss
a beat.

Nellcor™ pulse oximetry
monitoring system

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Detect early.
Act fast.

Microstream™ capnography
monitoring system

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BIS™ brain
monitoring system

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seconds matter

INVOS™ 7100 regional
oximetry system

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Stay on top
of temperature.


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The patient monitoring systems should not be used as the sole basis for diagnosis or therapy and is intended only as an adjunct in patient assessment.

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