Delivery assist sets you up for success, from the start

Get up and running, and keep going, with services and support to help increase workflow efficiencies.

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From unpacking to monitor testing, from set-up to default settings, from initial device configurations to assisting biomed with asset tagging, we hit the ground running. So you can, too.


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Installation and integration

Unboxing is just the start. We help configure, test, and optimize all monitors so they're ready for use in each patient room. We assemble mounting brackets. We do whatever it takes to get everything installed.


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Technical training

In-person, hands-on training sessions, focused education, remote monitoring documentation, and end-user quick reference tools. We ensure your biomed and IT staff have the knowledge they need.


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Ongoing support

Still have questions? We can help with additional post-implementation technical training at any time to help you keep things running smoothly.


Ongoing optimization with EMR Connect

Fill the connectivity gaps that can get in the way of care delivery.

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Connect devices

Fill the device connectivity gap by connecting unconnected devices to your EMR to improve workflow.


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EMR connectivity aims to support your clinical teams by reducing the burden of manual charting and eliminating transcription errors. This helps standardize clinical workflows to improve efficiency and care delivery for your patients.


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EMR patient data

Optimize reimbursement administration with the data you need automatically captured in your EMR.


Ensure the health of your technology

Hardware support and coverage

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Extended warranties

Service agreements

Technical health checks


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To get technical support for one of your monitors today, please contact technical services listed below.

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Select option 1, then option 2. Tech services will assist with coverage status, repair/replacement processing, and additional troubleshooting steps.

Email technical services (non-urgent):
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