Electromagnetic Compatibility With a Heart Device


Anything with electricity gives off electromagnetic energy (EMC), which may affect the normal operation of an implanted heart device. Most electromagnetic energy fields are too small or weak to affect a heart device, but electrical items with a strong energy field may affect the therapy delivered by a device.

Please ask your doctor for educational material that details frequently asked questions regarding household and hobby items, tools and industrial equipment, communications and office equipment, and medical and dental procedures. Talk to your doctor if you have specific questions about electromagnetic compatibility.

Here are a few common items that produce LARGE electromagnetic fields, and should be avoided or kept at a large distance from your heart device:

  • Induction cooktops (keep 61 centimetres distance)
  • Uninterrupted power sources up to 200 amps (keep 30 centimetres distance)
  • Electric pet fences (keep 30 centimetres away from the buried wire)
  • Electric kilns (keep 61 centimetres distance)
  • CB radios or other transmitters (see transmitter manual)
  • Metal detectors (keep 61 centimetres distance)
  • Boat or trolling motors (keep 30 centimetres distance)