4K/UHD resolution (3840x2160 px)

50 L insufflator

Offers gas heating to target a 37 °C body temperature4

4K laparoscopes

Available in standard and bariatric lengths

Camera control unit

  • Auto light control
  • Optical zoom: full screen image without loss of image quality
  • Video recording
  • Fine structural enhancement modes

LED light source

  • LED300 delivers best-in-class color performance5,‡‡,§§
  • The useful life of LED300 is 60 times that of any xenon light bulb5
  • LED300 combines the longevity of LED light sources with the brighter colors of Xenon™5,6,*

Laparoscopic suction irrigation pump

  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) control
  • 2 liters/minute suction irrigation

Selective color enhancement & advanced views

Vessel view

The imaging mode vessel view improves visualization of vessels, which according to surgeons surveyed could assist in visualizating critical structures during bowel dissection7,8,†,||

Deep tissue view

The imaging mode deep tissue view improves contrast and visualization of submucosal layers, which may aid the visual separation of tissue layers and identification of critical structures7,8,†,||||

The EleVision™ 4K+ platform is compatible with a variety of camera heads and excels at supporting an uninterrupted image

The platform can be used with one chip or three chip cameras also including our TipVision™ videoscope

  • TipVision™ videoscope enables a fog-free9,†,¶, focus-free experience9,¶¶

Focus on what matters most

You’ll love the attention-to-detail that’s gone into the design and build of the EleVision 4K+ System – for example, thanks to optical zoom, you avoid any image degradation, enabling you to focus intently on the detail.††

EleVision™ 4K+ System

Discover exceptional image quality

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* Preclinical evaluation. 17 surgeons rated the performance of image color and sharpness rated at 80% and 91%, respectively. 

† Based on preclinical or animal studies. Results may not correlate to performance in humans. 

†† Full-screen image achieved through optical zoom instead of digital zoom. 

‡ 13 of 17 surgeons surveyed scored overall image quality of Elevision 4K as superior to Olympus Visera 4K System.

‡‡ Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures the ability of the light source to reproduce colors faithfully. LED300 CRI >90.

§ 6 of 9 surgeons surveyed scored overall image quality of Elevision 4K as superior to Stryker 1688 System.

§§ Compared to other LED light sources, including the following: Karl Storz: LED NOVA 150, Power LED 175, Power LED300 SCB; Stryker: L9000; Richard Wolf: LED1.1-3, LED2.1-2; Lemke/WOM HD camera with integrated LED; ILO LED 3000; MGB ML-L-ASISTO-L3, (Data on File). 

|| Compared to white light image. 13 out of 19 surgeons surveyed agreed.

|||| Compared to white light image. 14 out of 19 surgeons surveyed agreed.

¶ Compared to a traditional rod-lens laparoscope when used in a laparoscopic cholecystectomy and a laparscopic TAPP hernia repair.

¶¶ TipVision™ has fixed depth-of-field of 20mm-200mm with most optimal image between 30mm and 60mm.


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