EleVision™ IR Platform uses the unique combination of a dedicated laser light source with a duo channel scope technology, known as Duo Channel Laser Augmented Sensitivity or DuoChannel LAS.

Experience high ICG sensitivity and greater confidence with EleVision™ IR Platform in your next case.

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The EleVision™ IR platform:

  • Uses an innovative laser technology in conjunction with ICG for high-definition imaging1,2
  • Produces simultaneous white light and infrared (IR) fluorescence images — and merges the two in real time3
  • Provides real-time qualitative and quantitative measurement of IR intensity1,2
  • Creates a uniform edge-to-edge illumination pattern in open procedures, resulting in sharp peripheral image and reliable measurements2

It works in four steps:

  1. Inject patient with ICG
  2. Laser excites ICG bound to blood proteins
  3. High-definition camera captures fluorescence images
  4. Image supports surgical decision making  to optimize outcomes in real time1

EleVision™ IR Platform -Comparison without and with
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