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VersaOne™ Bladed Trocar

Product Details

The advantages of the bladed trocar include a:

  • Safety lock to inform user when blade is exposed
  • Parabolic shield designed to retract over the blade once in the peritoneal cavity
  • Bladed design that is sharpened on both sides to divide tissue cleanly and precisely with control upon insertion through the abdominal wall
  • Low profile ergonomic designed obturator to provide control and comfort during insertion([FOOTNOTE=Based on internal VOC report, Project Eichler and Lieberman research. May 2013.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])

Autosuture™ Locking Trocar

Product Details

Precise control and excellent fixation are key features of the Autosuture™ locking trocar. Upon engagement, expanding mushroom-shaped stabiliser at the distal end secures the trocar firmly in place, leaving minimal cannula length exposed inside the peritoneum.

Order Information

Order Information
Order Code Description Length Unit of Measure Quantity
24055- Single Use Locking Trocar Cannula with Woodford Spike™ Trocar 5.5mm Diameter 90 mm Box 5