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More energy. More places.

Medtronic has long been a pioneer in creating medical devices that use various forms of energy. With the completion of the Sonicision™ cordless ultrasonic dissection portfolio, Medtronic has cemented its position as a single-solution provider for energy devices. 

Medtronic has the broadest and most complete energy portfolio available, allowing for complete system standardisation to reduce cost. 

Freedom of Movement in the Operating Room


The revolutionary design of the Sonicision™ cordless ultrasonic dissection device gives surgeons freedom of movement in the OR – eliminating the frustration of managing cords on a sterile field, while allowing for rapid dissection of tissue and security of haemostasis.

In addition, the intuitive dual-mode energy activation control offers minimum and maximum power modes within one button for easy transition between energy modes, further enhancing surgeon focus on the patient.

The reusable hand-held generator working in concert with the reusable battery produces ultrasonic energy that delivers a variety of tissue effects. The ability to take the sophistication of a generator and shrink it down to easily fit in the palm of your hand is real innovation that frees the surgeon from the need to connect the device to a bulky generator outside of the surgical field.