Having a tonsillectomy procedure has never been easier.

Now there is a complete solution which allows your doctor complete your procedure within approximately 5 minutes.2,††

This new technology could help you to recover faster with less post op bleeding2 compared to other techniques.1,2

A procedural solution from Medtronic

The tonsillectomy device is designed specifically for tonsillectomies to follow the shape of the tonsil bed.

We believe there is a better tonsillectomy procedure — for surgeons and patients entrusted in their care.

The tonsillectomy device:

  • May reduce any bleeding you might encounter during surgery2
  • Provides faster setup for the surgeon and OR staff which allows for a more efficient procedure1,†

A surgical innovation created to continually advance patient care.

The Medtronic tonsillectomy device uses advanced bipolar energy to permanently seal vessels when removing the tonsils. It’s powered by energy platforms that continuously measures the impedance of the clamped tissue and adjusts the energy levels to maintain the desired tissue effect. It automatically stops the energy delivery when the seal is complete.

  • † Krishnan study uses an median value when analyzing the operative time. The Vangelis G. Alexiou, Mary Sheryll Salazar-Salvia study uses average analysis when analyzing operative time.

  • †† BiZact™ tonsillectomy allows for a shortened operative time in the hands of both experienced and training surgeons with a median time of 5.1 minutes (range 1.5 – 26.5 minutes).

  • 1. Vangelis G. Alexiou, Mary Sheryll Salazar-Salvia. Modern Technology-Assisted vs Conventional Tonsillectomy: A Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2011;137(6):558-570.

  • 2. Krishnan G. et. al. Tonsillectomy using the BiZact- A pilot study in 186 children and adults. Clinical Otolaryngology. May 2019, Vol. 44 Issue 3, p392-396