The Nellcor™ Analytics Tool (NAT) software facilitates the transfer of patient data generated by Nellcor™ oximeters to your computer via interface cable or USB device. Additionally, it provides tools for the user to view and analyze the data, then output in a variety of different formats.

Product Features

Specifically, the Easy-to-Use Nellcor™ Analytics Tool Offers

  • A utility for researchers and clinicians to utilise data generated by the Nellcor™ oximeters
  • Access to data directly from an interface cable or USB device (not included)
  • Data summary reports
  • Custom case reports
  • Case event markings
  • Custom event review
  • A flexible platform for the viewing, graphing, and analysis of pulse oximetry data provided by Nellcor™ oximeters
  • Can be installed on any Windows®-based PC.

System Requirements

The Nellcor™ Analytics Tool can be installed on any Windows®-based PC. The Nellcor™ Analytics Tool is compatible with 32-bit versions of Windows® 2000, Windows® XP, and Windows® 7. Installation on 64-bit versions of Windows® will be completed in 32-bit mode. Administrative access and additional software may be required to install tool. Note: Some of the required software can be large in size and may require longer than usual download times.



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