A comprehensive portfolio of wound closure materials and accessories

We’re all part of the same community. A community entrusted with enhancing and saving the lives of patients. At Medtronic, we actively partner with you to provide your patients with the most optimal care. Every day. Whatever role you play, we’re here for you — leveraging over 100 years of expertise and insight to innovate wound closure solutions. We are committed to remaining by your side for the next 100 years, evolving with your changing needs so you can keep delivering the highest levels of patient care. Our comprehensive portfolio of effective wound closure solutions is for the full spectrum of general and specialty procedures.

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A complete wound closure product portfolio

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Clinical Evidence

Triclosan Coated Sutures

Chang WK, Srinivasa S, Morton R, Hill AG - Triclosan‑impregnated sutures to decrease surgical site infections systematic review and meta‑analysis of randomized trials

Clinical Knowledge

Diener MK, Knebel P, Kieser M, et al. Germany - Effectiveness of triclosan‑coated PDS Plus versus uncoated PDS II sutures for prevention of surgical site infection after abdominal wall closure: the randomised controlled PROUD trial