Whether you are looking to reduce complications, improve outcomes or optimize processes in a time- and cost-efficient manner, your Connect.MeSM Remote Sales representative can find the most meaningful solutions to benefit the future of healthcare, together.

What is Connect.Me℠ Remote Sales?

Medtronic Connect.Me℠ Remote Sales is:

  • A new multichannel approach – combining  traditional, digital and remote channels
  • An office-based sales force, offering direct access to a sales rep
  • An easy, fast and remote purchase service
  • Access to product help and training through a variety of channels
  • A complement to the existing field sales team 

Why Connect.Me℠ Remote Sales?

You get:

  • Quick and easy access to the sales force at your convenience
  • Interaction, support and purchase service in the way that suits you best
  • Dedicated support, aimed at fulfilling your needs
  • Help and training delivered through a variety of channels
  • An extra layer of service through the multichannel contact options

How does it work?

Medtronic Connect.Me℠ Remote Sales:

  • Can be reached through phone, e-mail or by clicking "Contact Us" on this site
  • Has the same knowledge and quality standards as a field sales representative
  • Expands our service through multimedia channels and goes beyond  the traditional sales model
  • Supports you in your local language
  • Is fully trained on the Surgical Innovations and selected Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions products and skilled on the digital tools we use
  • Works close to our existing field sales team


Talk to your Connect.MeSM Remote Sales Specialist today

Dedicated product and clinical expertise for the full Surgical Innovation product portfolio and selected Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions products.

Connect.Me Remote Sales Specialist

The complete solution you can trust


Your patient's procedure is your priority. You work through the operation plan. You want the very best  outcome for them and the hospital. 

Knowing you have access to high quality OR products and expert knowledge when you need it - sets you free to focus on your patients. We are only a click or call away.

Improving patient outcomes

Hospital Manager

Making the hospital work - reducing risk and morbidity - controlling infection and making time to check on your patients progress.

For over 100 years Medtronic has helped solve clinical problems with technology. Now Connect.Me℠ Remote Sales is your quickest way to get in touch for time/cost saving OR solutions.

Improving patient safety


You are the patient's advocate - it's early - it's quiet but busy - you check the day's plan - set up the room and instruments - your patient is prepared - it's a long and tiring day ahead. 

Your peace of mind rests here - quick and easy access to Medronic OR support when you need it - fulfill your orders - organise your training and stay clinically informed.

Solution for excellence in operating rooms

Purchasing Manager

To deliver the best quality products at the best price. Researching and benchmarking a short-list while working with restricted budgets makes it a challenge to satisfy all your stakeholder equally. 

For over 100 years Medtronic has helped solve clinical problems with technology. Now Connect.Me℠ Remote Sales gives you immediate access to discuss cost saving high quality OR solutions for faster supplier enquiry resolution.