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StealthStation® Spine Surgery Imaging and Surgical Navigation

Systems, Software, and Instruments


Software Modules for StealthStation Spine Surgery

Efficient and simple StealthStation® spine navigation:

  • Streamlined clinical workflow efficiency
  • Personalized procedures – the software stores OR set ups instructions and navigation preferences per surgeon, per procedure
  • A full selection of imaging methods –  O-arm® Imaging System, 2D Fluoro, 3D Fluoro, CT, and CT Merged with 2D Fluoro
  • Open platform solution that provides or enables instruments necessary for spine fusion surgery
  • Optimal workflow can be achieved using Medtronic instruments with Medtronic StealthStation
  • Single, simple, user-friendly interface – one intuitive software package that is consistent across all imaging modalities and procedures
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Instruments for StealthStation Navigated Spine Surgery

These instruments are used with the StealthStation® System. Please click on the ‘Indications, Safety, and Warnings’ link for more information, as well as to consult the full System Manual.

Medtronic offers a breadth of precise, accurate spine instruments that enable you to more fully utilize our comprehensive suite of innovative, Stealth-guided surgery solutions.

Enhanced Usability and Workflow via StealthStation NavLock Trackers

  • Interchangeable and robust
  • Easy assembly
  • Dedicated NavLock® trackers enhance procedural workflow
  • Modular offering for procedure specific StealthStation Navigation solutions
NavLock tracker with a probe tip 

Detail - NavLock tracker with a probe tip

NavLock Navigation Instrument set  

Detail - NavLock Navigation Instrument set

StealthStation view of navigating a screw  

Detail - StealthStation view of navigating a screw

NavLock tap in use with POWEREASE® system  

Detail - NavLock tap in use with POWEREASE® system


Detail - Tactile probes used StealthStation spine surgery


Navigated PAK kit  

Detail - StealthStation Navigated PAK kit for StealthStation spine surgery

Navigated NIM-SPINE

Detail - StealthStation Navigated NIM-SPINE® System PAK Needle

Spine Referencing