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Tissue Stabilizers

Octopus Tissue Stabilizers

Stability, flexibility, and a low profile — now with automatic pod spread for effective visualization at the anastomotic site.

Octopus Nuvo Tissue Stabilizer

The ease of use and familiarity of your Octopus Tissue Stabilizer, now available for minimally invasive procedures.

Heart Positioners

Starfish Heart Positioners

The most complete line of positioners, combining flexibility, low profile, and ease of use.

Urchin Heart Positioners

Greater control during beating heart surgery.

Starfish NS Heart Positioner

Proven Starfish positioning technology now available for minimally invasive procedures.


OctoBase Sternal Retractor

Provides the platform for countless mounting positions for Medtronic’s stabilizers and positioners.

ThoraTrak MICS Retractor System

Your access to minimally invasive cardiac surgery.

OPCAB Accessories

OPCAB Accessories

Numerous accessories to make off-pump CABG procedures easier and more successful.

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