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TrailBlazer Support Catheters

Access and cross lesions in the peripheral vessels with the TrailBlazer™ support catheter and the TrailBlazer™ angled support catheter. Use the support catheter to access and track through a vessel, enable for guidewire exchanges and to deliver saline or contrast during endovascular procedures. Use the angled version of this support catheter to direct to desired location; the braided shaft provides extra support when needed.

Indications, Safety, and Warnings

Piton Carotid Guide Catheter

Access difficult-to-reach carotid lesions for intervention using the Piton™ GC carotid guide catheter. The catheter's braided shaft design provides enhanced steerability and control, and its flexible coiled tip assists in atraumatic ostial engagement. Use of a double wire approach through a supra-aortic vessel permits access to an external carotid artery lesion for treatment.

Indications, Safety, and Warnings

The following product has been discontinued. Please contact your local sales representative for information: Total Across™ 0.014" crossing catheter.

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